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In Memory

Joyce Ann Wilcoxen (Latremouille)

Joyce Ann Wilcoxen (Latremouille)

Deceased 2001.

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10/30/17 06:25 PM #6    

Judy Alexander (Dobbins)

Thanks Jinny, Barb, Mark and Clara regarding your nice comments.

10/31/17 09:19 AM #7    

Barb Wilson (Clay)

Thanks so much for sharing your memories of Joyce, Judy. I met Joyce in high school because the alphabet always seated us close together. We shared so many overnights and clothes and hair style consultations and homework and boy crises. Though geography separated us for most of our adult lives, we were penpals until she died. I still miss her.

10/31/17 12:37 PM #8    

Kay Houck (Rennels)

What great memories and your list was wonderful, Judy!  Joyce was a great friend to me, too, and I'm so sad, still, at her passing!  Hugs and love to you all!!


10/31/17 09:11 PM #9    

Judy Alexander (Dobbins)

Thanks Barbara for you comments, always good to reminisce about Joyce!

Thanks Kay, Joyce was a gem, just like you!


10/31/17 11:11 PM #10    

Susan Phillips (Carbone)

Judy, your reflections of Joyce and walking home from Kensington brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful tribute and friendship you had. Joyce had the most beautiful bedroom, pink...I’m pretty sure, always wished i could have had her bedroom!


11/01/17 01:10 PM #11    

Jill Fife (Brown)

I never did have the chance to know Joyce that well but I sure knew who she was.  The first time I saw her was at a dance in the basement of the Junior High.  It was such an ugly roon but Joyce really stood out as being the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  She was wearing a pale blue wool dress with mink cuffs.  I had never seen anything like it on someone our age.  She was very popular and she danced all night.  I had pleanty of time to watch her because I never danced with anyone that night.  Whenever her name is mentioned I think back to that blue dress.  They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  That sure applied to Joyce.  I'm glad to have such a beautiful memory of such a special person. .  

11/01/17 07:48 PM #12    

Judy Alexander (Dobbins)

Sue, thanks for your comment.  I agree with both you, Jill and Clara, Joyce was always the "pretty girl", and was a "girly girl" loving pink, and fancy clothes! It is so nice to hear your memories of Joyce.

11/01/17 07:51 PM #13    

Sandy Hanson

Judy, What a lovely tribute to your dear friend. Thank you for sharing your cherished memories of her.

And now I too will think of Joyce when I see those beautiful clouds.

11/03/17 09:34 AM #14    

Judy Alexander (Dobbins)

Thank you Sandy for your kind remarks.


08/11/20 03:02 PM #15    

Gary Martin

My name is gary martin,i dated joyce in high school and college, can anyone tell me when she moved to canada and when was she married the first time. I know she died in 2001,anyone know the cause.

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